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Engineering & Design Services: Services


Momentum Engineering, L.L.C.

At Momentum, we are experts in creating construction 3D Models.  Powered by the AZ-Built Technology, our construction 3D Models are virtually created for ONE purpose:  To procure, fabricate, track, erect and build from the model, thereby minimizing drawings.

By utilizing the advanced technologies of AZ-Built, we are able to build operating facilities faster and more cost effective than the traditional and conventional processes used by engineering firms and construction companies.


For over 30-years our engineering and design professionals have executed hundreds of projects ranging from 15kv power distribution systems, to 5,000+ I/O point DCS conversions throughout the Gulf States region.


Our capabilities include:

  • Complete Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Packages,

  • Design for Raceways, Power Distribution & Controls, Lighting, Grounding

  • Substation Design, Replacement, Retrofit and Expansion

  • Grounding Studies

  • Electrical Equipment Specifications

  • Electrical Equipment Failure Analysis

  • Area Classification Surveys

  • Short Circuit Studies

  • Arc Flash Studies

  • Protective Relays Settings and Schemes

  • Electrical Equipment Testing

  • Instrument Engineering, Design and Specifications

  • In-Plant Documentation Verifications Services

  • P&ID Development

Engineering & Design Services: Text
  • Control System Engineering, Design and Automation of DCS, PLC or SIS Systems

  • PLC Programming

  • Control Panel Design

  • RIE / PDC Building Design

  • Analyzer System Design / Analyzer Shelter Design

  • Specializing in Converting Old Pneumatic Systems and Upgrading Out Dated Systems

  • Communication Architecture Design and Implementation (Ethernet/Serial/Fiber Optic, Wireless Radio/Satellite Communication Systems) Using Various Protocols

  • Burner Management System Design

  • 3D Modeling

  • AS-Built 3D Modeling

  • 3D Laser Scanning

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